West Dorset Contact Info

You can contact us in the first instance via Email, Skype or 'LIVE CHAT'

Live Chat : Click on the live chat link on the right ->

EMAIL : info@westdorset.org.uk
Please note!
Due to spam protection, our email is protected by a verification programme. When you sent an email, it will be sent immediately back to you to verify that the address you use is a valid address. When you receive this email simply click send.

Bulletin Board : Discussion forums (sorry OFFLINE)
You can leave messages, report problems, talk about anything you like on the message boards. If you are already a member, you do not need to register separately for this service.

Yahoo Messenger : jon_1964uk

Skype : jon_1964uk

Telephone No' : Upon request

Our preferred method of communication is Email or the message boards. We usually check our emails every couple of hours.

Please report any problems so we can rectify them, thank you.